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MS Word Business Card Template Software 7.0

Create business cards in formats readable by Microsoft Word
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Design personalized business cards by selecting from a wide variety of templates and adding your own logo and personal information. Save the file in a Microsoft Word-compatible format.

A tool that helps you design your own business card template in MS Word format. This software tool was devised to assist you in creating a full-page set of business cards complete with all your personal information and logo. It allows you to preview your template layout and export it in Microsoft Word format once you are fully satisfied with it. Then, you can open it with Microsoft Word to polish it and print it.

This program could not be easier to use. All you have to do is to introduce your personal information and (optionally) to choose an image file to be used as your company's logo. You will be able to type your company's name, your full name, position, mailing address (2 lines), phone number, fax number, and e-mail address. As for the logo image, you can also select whether you want to resize or crop it to fit your favorite size. Finally, you may click the "Start Creating Template" button at any time to have a preview of your personalized cards.

With regard to the preview window, it lets you zoom in and out your template to have a more detailed or a more global view of your cards layout, respectively. You will always be able to return to the input form by clicking the "Back" button in order to correct any wrong or missing information. Finally, when you are happy with your template, you can export it in Microsoft Word 2000 format in one click, and continue to work there.

To sum up, MS Word Business Card Template Software is a must-have for anyone who is a business owner, or a manager or sales executive. Its price will certainly allow all companies and executives to purchase it. Of course, you will be required to have Microsoft Word 2000 or later installed to edit or print your cards.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very easy to use
  • Allows you to include all your relevant personal information
  • Allows you to insert an image file as a logo
  • Shows a preview of your cards before actually exporting them in MS Word format
  • Very good price


  • None
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